Human Trafficking – The Real-Life Dilemma


The darkest subplot in John Reinhard Dizon’s Transplant focuses on Adam Rauch’s diabolical deal with drug lord Django Tamsulosin. Django agrees to supply ‘volunteers’ for Rauch’s experiments with the understanding that they are never to return to the streets of Harlem. At first the victims are brought to the lab on the brink of death, and Adam harvests their organs before they expire. Eventually they are brought while unconscious, and Adam realizes that Django expects them to be euthanized. He begins to keep the survivors in a state of heavy sedation, rationalizing that captivity is a more humane fate than death itself.

Human trafficking in the 21st century has reached epidemic proportions. There are more people being held against their will and used as chattel than during the peak of the Slavery Era of past centuries. The United Nations webpage at documents the ongoing struggle against human exploitation. Though the plight of the victims in Transplant may be a fictional representation of such scenarios, it is imperative that reading audiences everywhere become aware of such injustices. From drug addicts to supermodels to NBA superstars, this novel reminds us that when the weakest among us are endangered, ultimately we must all join together to eliminate the threat to one and all.




One of the more chilling subplots in Transplant is the tragic tale of Geri Lindsay. The supermodel, like fellow victim Jerome Browne, seeks resolution in returning to her childhood neighborhood and falls afoul of the megalomaniacal drug lord, Django Tamsulosin. In real life, Harlem in NYC is not only the place where black Americans have turned their fantasies into reality in generations past, but continues to inspire hope for young people to this day.

Harlem Model Search is but one of many institutions where a real life Geri Lindsay may one day emerge. Their website at provides photos and information about their services to hopeful and talented young women in NYC. It is just a sampling of all that the legendary and essential Harlem community continues to offer!