Manitoba’s is *The* Place to Go in “Transplant”!!!


Bridgette Celine and her friends in The Fury hung out there. Stu Carlucci and Tina Rivera in Hezbollah got kicked out of there. Tommy Jackson and Orrin Rampersad in Transplant go there to commiserate between interviews. So how is it that author John Reinhard Dizon hasn’t been there yet?

“I haven’t been to Alphabet City since we last played there,” JRD admitted recently. “It’s on the top of my list for my next visit.”

Flashback to the Punk Revolution of the Seventies when the Dictators were among the top bands in Manhattan. The Spoiler was the Innovators of Punk in Brooklyn. Handsome Dick Manitoba and Broadway Turk Superstar were aspiring pro wrestlers. Lead guitarists Ross “The Boss” Friedman and Lou “The Wizard” Cazucci bore a strong physical resemblance. Both bands’ favorite cover song was “Search and Destroy”. The list goes on.

The bands rubbed elbows but were never destined to meet. Dick Manitoba opened a punk bar in 1999 bearing his name that remains as a tribute to the glory days of the venerated genre. When JRD’s writing career began its next evolution in 2013, he couldn’t think of a better place for his characters to hang out.

Manitoba’s website can be found at . There’s a large selection of beers, tasty food, great atmosphere, an eclectic crowd, a top-notch punk jukebox, and, of course, a chance to exchange barbs with Handsome Dick himself. Who could ask for anything more?