How The Other Half Lives in NYC?



The Mad Doctors seem to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths – but what about the detectives on their case? NYPD Detectives Tommy Jackson and Orrin Rampersad are in the same boat. Tommy has a wife and two daughters, while Orrin has a wife and a son. All three children are in grade school. Both women are stay-at-home Moms, and their hubbies are bringing home $90K per year. How does that work for them?

Tommy lives on Prince Street just outside Greenwich Village. If you check out , you’ll see that apartments average about $35K a year. Plus he says he spends $1,000 a year to park his Camry.  That doesn’t leave him a whole lot of spending money. Orrin, on the other hand, lives near Delancey Street on the Lower East Side in an apartment building like the one pictured above. He pays about as much as Tommy per year. You’d think he’d be saving money, but…not in NYC.

$90,000 would be a pretty nice score in most places around the USA. In NYC, having to deal with Mad Doctors, chasing Dr. Cyclops, interviewing Patch and Combo, and then going home to be a good husband and father…New York’s Finest probably don’t get paid what they’re worth. You be the judge.



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