Jerome Browne – A Profile!!!




An NCAA record-holder, first-round draft pick and NBA superstar, Jerome Browne is unable to sever his childhood roots in East Harlem. He returns to the ‘hood and becomes a major philanthropist, contributing to programs geared towards purchasing and refurbishing worn-down brownstones. It places him at odds with drug lords such as Django Tamsulosin who are using the ratholes for crack dens. Jerome arranges a meeting with Django, who decides that the ‘do-gooder’ has to go. He is drugged and sent unconscious to the underground lab of the Mad Doctors.

Jerome survives the unthinkable ordeal and comes away with an incredibly advanced bionic limb at the expense of his left arm. Thirsting for revenge, he makes deals with the other victims to withhold information from Orrin and Tommy. By stonewalling the DA’s investigation, he begins formulating a plan to wreak vengeance against his alleged tormentors in the MCC. Jerome’s tale is perhaps the most significant in the entire revenge tragedy.


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