Django Tamsulosin – A Profile!!!


Django Tamsulosin has risen to power as the exclusive crack dealer in East Harlem under the sponsorship of the notorious 137th Street Gang. Django is absolutely ruthless and uses terror and murder to enforce his authority. One of the most horrific options available to him is through Dr. Adam Rauch, who is in desperate need of volunteers for his underground experiments. In their ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ agreement, Django has those marked for death delivered unconscious to the lab with the understanding that they are to permanently disappear from the streets of Harlem.

His major errors in the game of death come with his run-ins against NBA superstar Jerome Browne and supermodel Geri Lindsay. His self-perception of invincibility make him think he can dispose of Jerome and Geri as easily as the unfortunates on the street who fall into his disfavor. Even worse is his ignorance of the fact that not all of the victims in the lab are immediately disposed of. Yet the arrest of the doctors and the wrath of Jerome Browne fail to penetrate his veneer of invulnerability. The power and influence of Django Tamsulosin is one of the more fascinating elements of the novel.


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