Walterine Shabazz AKA “Patch” – – – A Profile!!!


Walterine Shabazz is a resident of East Harlem afflicted by numerous skin ailments as well as chronic drug abuse. Her street name Patch comes from her psoriasis as well as her badly-mended clothing. Nevertheless, she is a street-wise veteran of life in Harlem and eagerly awaits the opportunity of manipulating Dr. Adam Rauch as best she can. Rauch hires her to act as caretaker at the underground lab, and in turn she connects him to drug lord Django Tamsulosin. Patch volunteers for Rauch’s first transgenic skin transplants, and the Caucasian white skin on her torso becomes a thing of beauty to behold. Only it is a grotesque reminder of the blemishes covering the rest of her body, and she becomes inceasingly aggressive in demanding that Rauch continue the transplants. She also becomes more responsible for assignments around the lab in making herself indisposable. It makes her an accomplice and a key witness once the NYPD discover the lab and indict one and all for the horrific acts of mayhem.


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