John Reinhard Dizon’s “Transplant”!!!

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Transplant is a shocking tale of murder and mayhem that unfolds as a missing athlete turns up at a NYC brownstone described by police investigators as ‘an indescribable pit of hell’. A missing supermodel found in the streets of NYC leads the police to the residence, where four renowned neurosurgeons are trapped in a basement under siege by NBA superstar Jerome Browne and a victim of horrific experiments known as Combo. Victims of ghastly transplant operations rescued from the building lead police to believe that the doctors are responsible for the demonic experiments. Yet the doctors’ alibi proves airtight as they assign blame to a mysterious Dr. Cyclops who lured them to the brownstone and framed them for the frightening atrocities. Homicide Detectives Tommy Jackson and Orrin Rampersad are being pushed to their limits in solving the case, coming across ever greater abominations as the truth is gradually revealed.  They are faced with the choice of indicting four doctors considered pioneers in their field, or a phantasmal surgeon no one can prove actually exists.


9 thoughts on “John Reinhard Dizon’s “Transplant”!!!

  1. Pamela Winn
    March 22 near Kalispell, MT · Edited
    Only one book finished today but it was another great John Reinhard Dizon novel, not out yet but watch for it!
    Should DR.’s play God and should we let them?
    I loved the novel. Makes me wonder about letting Doctor’s play God, which they do in this novel. When the people were found that had been experimented on by 4 Doctors and Policemen, Tommy and Orrin have to question not only the four Dr.’s they are positive were involved but also the victims trying to piece together what happened. This novel with it’s great writing and characters shows an example of where we as a society are headed by letting the medical profession do what ever they want in the name of progress. Another great work by John Dizon.

  2. Dizon has done it again with “Transplant,” a spine tingling mystery thriller that recounts a grisly wave of killings and mutilations discovered when two unwilling amputees escape their virtual prison in East Harlem. To assure the DA has sufficient evidence to convict the four doctors implicated in these heinous crimes, NYPD detectives, Tommy Jackson and Orrin Rampersad, attempt to extract every possible bit of evidence from the survivors who also happen to be well-known celebrities. Rather than providing every possible incriminating detail, however, the witnesses cooperate only marginally, adding to the mystery behind the horrifying events. What Jackson and Rampersad don’t know is the intricate web of intrigue that ties the victims to the local kingpin within a culture where the punishment will inevitably fit the crime. The suspense and surprises revealed as these connections unfold will keep you guessing not only whodunit but how justice will be served, right up until the last heart-stopping page.

    While I’m not usually a fan of stories that involve blood, guts and gore, I am a Dizon fan and he’s handled the subject in a manner that spares the reader unnecessary stomach-turning details while still delivering a fascinating mystery populated with his usual cast of vivid and believable characters.

    Marcha Fox
    Science Fiction author of “Beyond the Hidden Sky,” “A Dark of Endless Days,” and “A Psilent Place Below.”

  3. Transplant by John Reinhard Dizon is a shocker from the get go as the story opens with a grotesque scene in Harlem. Victims are found alive, permanently mutilated, their limbs severed and replaced with mechanical robotic extensions. Four doctors are found within the structure in a safe house claiming innocence and pointing their fingers at an elusive Dr. Cyclops.

    John Reinhard Dizon has once again created a riveting, fast paced novel with intense characters and plot, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat begging for more. As two police officers attempt to piece together the nightmare that took place the reader gets a look inside each character’s mind, revealing another piece to the puzzle, and giving depth and quality to each persona. The plot twists and turns as each piece of the jigsaw is unveiled. Through dialogue and compelling narration Transplant is an intense, engrossing novel.

    Transplant is reminiscent of a modern day Frankenstein; experimental medicine gone horribly wrong, creating monsters. With scientific developments as they are today, and questionable ethics the novel is entirely believable, and made of our nightmares.

    For the horror, suspense enthusiast Transplant is a must read!

    Elle Klass

  4. A review of John Reinhard Dizon’s Transplant.

    From the very beginning I was drawn in. It was a murky pit where victims lay helpless. Cyclops and his genius was masterminding the whole robotics spree, while Jackson and crew kept me on the edge of my seat. John writes in a unique style. I was captivated, and in awe of his descriptive prose creating a world I could walk into. Five of Five Stars.

  5. Another brilliant story by John

    I have read many of John’s stories and have so far liked all of them. He is very creative with this writings and he always has a good plot keeping the reader interested at all times. We all watch American crime movies but never really read much of it. This book covers everything that a movie has – drama, suspense, police and a conclusion. This is a great drama where the police find the model on the streets of an American city where she was held captive. The trouble is one of her legs has been detached from her body and who’s doing it. You have to read to find out. Could it be those doctors? I think this story could well be a plot for the next movie for the box office. Brilliant story every angle.

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