Jerome Browne – A Profile!!!




An NCAA record-holder, first-round draft pick and NBA superstar, Jerome Browne is unable to sever his childhood roots in East Harlem. He returns to the ‘hood and becomes a major philanthropist, contributing to programs geared towards purchasing and refurbishing worn-down brownstones. It places him at odds with drug lords such as Django Tamsulosin who are using the ratholes for crack dens. Jerome arranges a meeting with Django, who decides that the ‘do-gooder’ has to go. He is drugged and sent unconscious to the underground lab of the Mad Doctors.

Jerome survives the unthinkable ordeal and comes away with an incredibly advanced bionic limb at the expense of his left arm. Thirsting for revenge, he makes deals with the other victims to withhold information from Orrin and Tommy. By stonewalling the DA’s investigation, he begins formulating a plan to wreak vengeance against his alleged tormentors in the MCC. Jerome’s tale is perhaps the most significant in the entire revenge tragedy.


Django Tamsulosin – A Profile!!!


Django Tamsulosin has risen to power as the exclusive crack dealer in East Harlem under the sponsorship of the notorious 137th Street Gang. Django is absolutely ruthless and uses terror and murder to enforce his authority. One of the most horrific options available to him is through Dr. Adam Rauch, who is in desperate need of volunteers for his underground experiments. In their ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ agreement, Django has those marked for death delivered unconscious to the lab with the understanding that they are to permanently disappear from the streets of Harlem.

His major errors in the game of death come with his run-ins against NBA superstar Jerome Browne and supermodel Geri Lindsay. His self-perception of invincibility make him think he can dispose of Jerome and Geri as easily as the unfortunates on the street who fall into his disfavor. Even worse is his ignorance of the fact that not all of the victims in the lab are immediately disposed of. Yet the arrest of the doctors and the wrath of Jerome Browne fail to penetrate his veneer of invulnerability. The power and influence of Django Tamsulosin is one of the more fascinating elements of the novel.

Walterine Shabazz AKA “Patch” – – – A Profile!!!


Walterine Shabazz is a resident of East Harlem afflicted by numerous skin ailments as well as chronic drug abuse. Her street name Patch comes from her psoriasis as well as her badly-mended clothing. Nevertheless, she is a street-wise veteran of life in Harlem and eagerly awaits the opportunity of manipulating Dr. Adam Rauch as best she can. Rauch hires her to act as caretaker at the underground lab, and in turn she connects him to drug lord Django Tamsulosin. Patch volunteers for Rauch’s first transgenic skin transplants, and the Caucasian white skin on her torso becomes a thing of beauty to behold. Only it is a grotesque reminder of the blemishes covering the rest of her body, and she becomes inceasingly aggressive in demanding that Rauch continue the transplants. She also becomes more responsible for assignments around the lab in making herself indisposable. It makes her an accomplice and a key witness once the NYPD discover the lab and indict one and all for the horrific acts of mayhem.

NYPD Det. Tommy Jackson – A Profile!!!


Tommy Jackson is a seasoned NYPD Homicide Detective who balances his hardcore career with his role as husband and father of two little girls. He refuses to believe Dr. Rauch’s story about the mysterious Dr. Cyclops, devoting his energies to disproving such a character exists. Yet the more he learns about the Doctors and their life stories, the harder it becomes to prove that they were capable of the atrocities committed in the underground laboratory in East Harlem. Tommy is also developing his relationship with his new partner, Orrin Rampersad. The psychological tension proves relentless as he deals with his personal and professional life along with the horrors of the case as it unfolds.

Dr. Adam Rauch – A Profile!!!



Dr. Adam Rauch is the guiding light behind the underground East Harlem Research Project in the team’s tenement basement lab. The pioneer of the team, he successfully transplanted the limbs of a white cat onto a black cat, convincing his friends to embark on the project. His Mensa-level IQ enabled him to ‘watch and learn’ from his colleagues during the procedures. As a result, he was able to make great strides on his own in bionic limb attachments and transgenic skin grafting. Only his side deal with Django Tamsulosin resulted in a dangerous compromise in which non-volunteers were brought to the lab as unconscious subjects of the unscrupulous experiments.

John Reinhard Dizon’s “Transplant”!!!

TransplantCover (2)

Transplant is a shocking tale of murder and mayhem that unfolds as a missing athlete turns up at a NYC brownstone described by police investigators as ‘an indescribable pit of hell’. A missing supermodel found in the streets of NYC leads the police to the residence, where four renowned neurosurgeons are trapped in a basement under siege by NBA superstar Jerome Browne and a victim of horrific experiments known as Combo. Victims of ghastly transplant operations rescued from the building lead police to believe that the doctors are responsible for the demonic experiments. Yet the doctors’ alibi proves airtight as they assign blame to a mysterious Dr. Cyclops who lured them to the brownstone and framed them for the frightening atrocities. Homicide Detectives Tommy Jackson and Orrin Rampersad are being pushed to their limits in solving the case, coming across ever greater abominations as the truth is gradually revealed.  They are faced with the choice of indicting four doctors considered pioneers in their field, or a phantasmal surgeon no one can prove actually exists.